Potato market chronicle July 2021

Publication author: Yves Le Bouëdec – J. Lévesque SARL

Potato market chronicle July 2021

It’s already July, who’d believe it? The capricious weather is making us doubt the start of summer. These temperature swings are disrupting tuber development.
For early potatoes, this is true for practically all terroirs.
Offers of Spanish and Portuguese washable products abound, with varying degrees of quality. However, they are preferable to old French batches.

French products

The transition to early French produce with ripe skin takes place at the end of the first dekad of July. Sporting harvesting conditions determine the right price. The first firm red flesh is in demand.
All these factors contributed to a good flow of early produce, while awaiting the new conservation harvest. For the latter, rainy spells have favored growth and should, barring climatic accidents, augur well for a good harvest.

Potatoes adapt to all seasons

As far as seed potatoes are concerned, the increase in plantings may seem problematic in terms of sales, especially as an increase in sea freight, export pallets and bags leads to a significant mechanical rise in the final price. In many cases, our customers did not receive any tourists this year because of Covid.

However, aphid thefts have been significant, and we’ll have to wait for the results of pre-culture tests to quantify which batches are suitable for sale. In the meantime, I wish you all the best for your vacations, and don’t forget that potatoes can be enjoyed in any way, in any season!