The National Interprofessional Potato Brokers’ Union

Welcome to the website of the National Interprofessional Union of Potato and Onion Brokers. On this site, we invite you to discover the profession of an accredited potato and onion broker as well as the advantages of using an established broker for your transactions.

Discover more about the SNCPT

The SCNPT represents potato and onion brokers and has sat in this capacity on the CNIPT Board of Directors since its creation.

The SNCPT: Who are we?

Created more than 20 years ago, the National Union of Potato Brokers is an organization representing established brokers within the various potato organizations.

The profession of an established broker

An essential link in the chain between the seller and the buyer, the broker is a trusted professional, on whom it is important to receive information concerning trends but also market prices. The broker is also an expert on contractual clauses and an impartial witness of contracts.

SNCPT news

Discover our blog on the Potato market news in France.

Potato market quotations

Since 2019, the National Interprofessional Potato Committee has trusted the SNCPT to provide unbiased quotations on fresh potatoes. These quotations are made according to established rules contained in the SNCPT and CNIPT agreement. Thus, the quotations reflect the average price established by at least three brokers. Prices are valid for two weeks and for three potato categories:
  • Ware potatoes
  • Firm Flesh potatoes with yellow skin
  • Firm flesh potatoes with red skin
Prices are for potatoes with a 7,5 washability, bulk, exwork.

Market Chronicle and Potato News

Since 2009, brokers who are members of the Syndicate have been responsible for the “Market Chronicle” editorial in the Potato Planet magazine. This magazine is published every two months and is the prime reference in the potato sector. This Chronicle keeps readers up to date with the latest trends in the potato market.

Potato quotation 2022

Potato quotations 2023 Discover the potato quotations for the year 2023 with the National Potato Brokers Union website!Prices are for potatoes with a 7.5 washability, bare bulk, ex-farm.Weeks 47 & 48 / 22 November - 01 December Ware potato white Skin : 364€ /...

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Potato Quotation 2021

Potato quotations 2021 Discover the potato quotations for the year 2021 with the National Potato Brokers Union website! Prices are for potatoes with a 7.5 washability, bare bulk, ex-farm.Weeks 51 and 52 / December 20 - December 31 Potato Consumption White Skin...

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