Potato market chronicle November 2018

Publication author: Christelle Denis – SARL D.Vegetables

Potato market chronicle November 2018

The harvest is drawing to a close, and the atypical situation is confirmed on both the French and European markets. NPEG is announcing a shortfall of several million tonnes of potatoes across Europe.
A complicated potato market

Quality is also deteriorating rapidly, while prices remain high due to pressure from manufacturers. Operators (growers, traders, etc.) are thus torn between selling as quickly as possible for fear of a change in quality, and holding onto volumes until spring in order to supply all customers. Clearly, not only are volumes likely to be insufficient to meet demand, but we are already seeing an early change in quality (dartrose, scab).

Drought and shortage

Without wishing to be alarmist, we have never experienced such a drought-related situation, but the impact of this shortage is likely to be felt well into next season; if seed potato production follows that of consumption, the shortage may be felt on this market too. And what about next spring? Will other regions of the Mediterranean basin take advantage of this shortage to offer us more tubers than in previous years? In conclusion, this upcoming campaign is nothing like previous ones!