Potato market chronicle September 2021

Publication author: Jean-Marc Storper – SARL Maison Mendel

Potato market chronicle September 2021

After a first part of the cycle that was too wet, marked by excess water and heavy mildew pressure that has rarely been equaled, here we are at the end of the cycle in dry conditions, to such an extent that irrigation is often necessary to harvest the plants.

The impact of climate

Climate disruption, or rather climate brutality, certainly has all kinds of surprises in store for us, depending on the variety and production basin (hollow hearts in large sizes, cracked, split, rust, scab of all kinds, mildew, erwinia, bacteria, etc.). There were wide disparities between plots, and often within the same plot, in terms of yield and quality. In any case, this wet season has triggered the phytosanitary budget like never before. Under what conditions will we be able to harvest, and what real quantities will be storable, marketable and in what category? Answer: not before the end of November, as always. Depending on storage problems, dubious lots are likely to weigh down the market in the first half of the season.

The strategy of other countries

On the domestic market, those nostalgic for back-to-school promotions on Bintje for cellaring are having a hard time realizing that Bintje is becoming rarer. And scarcity always puts pressure on prices. On the export front, Eastern European countries are particularly keen to buy. The Italians, who have suffered from the drought, are also paying close attention and will undoubtedly be in the game. The Spaniards, who seem to be better provided for, are timidly starting to buy unwashed, but are discussing prices. Have a great season!