Potato market chronicle July 2023

Publication author: Yves Le Bouëdec – J. Lévesque SARL

Potato market chronicle July 2023

At the end of the campaign, there have been no volumes left in good quality since the end of April. New harvests are expected, and when they are available, they are sold at good prices, especially as our European neighbors are expecting lower yields.

Decidedly, one year follows another, but no two are alike in this business. This year’s highlight is the demand for processing potatoes, particularly for fritables in the Hauts-de-France region. This increase in plantings is disrupting the usual production patterns, for both seed and fresh potatoes. This year, planting was delayed until late May or even early June, particularly in the northern part of the region.

Rainfall, followed by a dry climate with easterly winds, contributed to irregular emergence. High temperatures combined with a lack of water disrupted tuberization.

Beware of bolting! Our world is changing, and we’re becoming aware of it… For the plant, the situation is complicated: dealing with current emergence problems, and ensuring a new, high-quality harvest. At present, it’s still difficult to predict harvest levels.

Let’s keep things in perspective, because, as Boileau said: “often the fear of an evil leads us into a worse one”.

Have a good summer.